About Who's Where

The Who's Where strategy for enrolling and tracking every employee eligible for retirement benefits is:

Efficient: Information is calculated quickly. Procedures are easily learned by new employees.

Adaptable: Designed to quickly accommodate changes in staff and the eligibility plan of your organization.

Accurate: Who's Where tracks every eligible hour of employment for every employee, throughout their tenure with your company.

Timely: Up-to-date information can be delivered to the benefits manager within minutes.

Integrated: An information solution designed to work within your existing payroll system.

This will eliminate 95% of the time currently consumed by this task and, at the same time, increase accuracy by eliminating human error. Why waste your valuable time doing things a computer program can do in seconds? Let your computer do the things it does best -- so you can spend time doing things the computer cannot.

Your business -- like your work force -- is an ever-changing organization that thrives on hiring the right people and providing them with attractive and meaningful pay structures and retirement benefits. Who's Where guarantees employees that your retirement program is based on a fair, consistent system for tracking every hour they invest in your organization. Full-time, part-time and seasonal employees. Throughout all job changes, location changes, leaves of absence, terminations, resignations and rehires.

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